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Marking 3 months since Shane Knock Co-Founder of EWHAL passed away on 5th October 2023.

Whilst life moves on, for my family & I, in many ways it’s stands still for Rio, Storm, Dallas & ...

Empowerment on EWHAL with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon and Hosts Drew Bolles & Jessica Knock

Empowerment starts in your mind. We have already won! We have overcome. We look at how to use scripture to ...

EWHAL First of the Month Shabbat Gathering April 6th 2024

This first of the month gathering we felt an impressed need to focus on prayer needs of the national & ...

Where Are We Now in 2024

The earth is Yahuah's prophetic time clock. Indeed, scripture hosts numerous references to the sun, moon, stars and constellations. Events are ...

Sun, Moon & Stars In The Heaven’s

We shall be taking a look at the next 4 weeks and the significance it holds. Let's look at what ...

Introducing “Scribbles and Scripture” with Publisher & Author Brittani Ramirez

Join team EWHAL as we introduce husband & wife, Franki & Brittani Ramirez, creators of "Scribbles & Scripture" Publishing. A ...

“War Against The Saints” with Jessica Knock & Jon Barr – EWHAL Sabbath Online Gathering

We examine who are the "Synagogue of Hasatan. We revisit and add to the original teaching from the late Shane ...

“The Impact of Babylonian Money Magic” with Dr Stephen Pidgeon and Drew Bolles

Most are aware that our financial systems are not engineered for the success of the many, but for the few. ...

“Ingenious Ways to Survive” with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon & Drew Bolles

This presentation is specifically geared towards helping you know how to practically & spiritually help your family in times of ...

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Such a blessing. Thank each of you for being faithful to Yahuah! Bless you in Yahusha’s name!
Such a blessing. Thank each of you for being faithful to Yahuah! Bless you in Yahusha’s name!
Username Dave
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Such a blessing. Thank each of you for being faithful to Yahuah! Bless you, in Yahusha’s name!
Janaine@username Janaine
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Shalom from Australia, So good to have this platform 🌺❤️
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Shalom mishpocha Elohyim from Seattle/W
Carol-lee Biggs
Carol-lee Biggs@username Carol-lee Biggs
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Shalom Brothers and Sisters, I’m from Hervey Bay Queensland Australia and I so love Yahuah Elohiym and Yahusha Ha’mashiach my life has been saved and been reborn in truth and love as my soul belongs to Yahuah Elohiym thank you so much for sharing the knowledge from Yahuah Elohiym blessing and love Carol-lee ❤ 🙏

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